Wednesday, December 16, 2009


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Elefonts-A Mouse, Cat, and Bear

Museum Visit #3- Ordover Gallery

Title: Ordover Gallery

Date: Saturday October 17, 2009

Nature of Event: Photo (Landscape)

My visit of the Ordover Gallery in Solana Beach was very entertaining. Pertaining to the various amounts of photos on display, I was enthralled with Frank Lanting and Art Wolfe's work. They captured a lot of nature-based photos, and I was particularly impressed with that because of the degree of difficulty that nature-based photos bring with them. I especially liked the different angles they both used when producing these epic photos because it encapsualated all of the visual elements they wanted to encompass in the process of presenting their work to the audience. I appreciate the fact that they traveled all around the world to capture such images for processing. Colors and clarity are important when it comes to the overall presentation of a project, and it is very evident when seen in the photos you can view in this gallery.

Museum Visit #2-MOPA Beloved Daughters

Title: Beloved Daughter's Exhibition

Date: Saturday, October 3rd 2009

Nature of Event: Photographs depicting the treatment of women in India.

The Beloved Daughters Exhibition at the Museum of Photographic Arts in Balboa was presented by Fazai Sheikh, represented the women from the country of India. The pictures almost seemed bleek, a sort of calmness embeded mixed with sadness and agony due to the often black and white tones showing plain facial expressions, meaning no smiling of any sort. The exhibition itself was set up in a way, that clearly identified the chronological order of people taken by Fazai, due to age group. There was also writing associated with the stories of the women the photographer took. A large majority of the photos depicted women in a futile state of mind, almost helpless to move out of the situation they are in, and the juxtaposition of the various elements seen in the pictures, with regards to the treatment of women in India, was fairly represented by the photos in this exhibition. Tones used in different contexts can evoke a different emotions that an audience can recieve by viewing an artist's work. This exhibit was extraordinary in that regard, and in doing so, has produced a powerful denotative meaning.

Museum Visit #1-Ansel Adams MOPA

Title: Ansel Adams Art Exhibit

Date: Saturday, October 4th 2009

Nature Of Event: Photography

Ansel Adams is one of my favorite landscape photographers and his exhibition at the Museum of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park was extraordinary. His use of black and white images depicting monumental still images gave the image more contrast, which in turn, gave way to more dramatic view. More so, if the picture itself was in color. His use of varying angles showed how he payed attention to how certain objects in each photo also represented a visual element seen in other types of paintings. It is unique in the sense that Adams has been able to capture these elements through landscape photography. His photos at the exhibition were very dramatic, some even gave way to the use of motion. A lot of them were very famous national landmarks, such as Half-Dome in Yosemite National Park in Central California to the San Francisco Bay, before the bridge itself was even created. If there was anything I can take away from the event, it would have to be in terms of how using an array of varying angles can affect composition within a piece itself.